in Alaska Hunting

5 Nash Bear

Bills_Bear Alaska Big Game Hunting“Big Alaska brown bears are here!   I just had to name the lake that we were camped on, “BEAR EXPRESS LAKE”, since it didn’t have a name and it sure seemed fitting. From the moment I arrived, I knew I was in for a true alaska wilderness experience. I was impressed with George’s logistics, pilots, boats, etc.. for covering the ever changing conditions and game situations. Alaska master brown bear guide George Siavelis has a profound respect and knowledge for the big game of Alaska. A 10 foot brown bear walked by, about 7 or 8 yds. from the tent the first day. I couldn’t shoot it because we had flown that day. I didn’t mind settling for this 9 footer 7 or 8 hours later! Shot him from the tent in my slippers! Caught a whole bunch of fish for the next few days, including some big Rainbows. Then I booked my next hunt with Alaska brown bear guide George Siavelis. Thanks for the great times George!”