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15 caribou testimonials

bou daller Alaska moosewalter- bou“I will tell you that my experience with Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis was wonderful. Initially, I Brown-Bear-3was scheduled to arrive in Aniak on September 14, 2001. However, because of the 9/11 attacks, I was not able to leave for several days. George and I stayed in touch during this entire time, and although not requested by me, George volunteered to extend my hunt to cover the lost time. This was a classy gesture on his part – and typical of what I had heard of about Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis, and what I would soon learn to be true for myself. In addition to taking a nice grizzly on the first day and 2 Caribou, I saw and filmed wolf, wolverine, porcupines, bald eagles, falcons, ptarmigan, grizzly sows with cubs, a few moose and countless bearskin-jimmycaribou over the course of my ten days spent in some of the most beautiful country on Earth. George demonstrated to me that he will do all that he says and more to make his hunts enjoyable, successful, and his customers happy. If you book any type of hunt advertised by Alaska hunting guide George Siavelis, you’ll not regret it.”