in Alaska Hunting

11 enchantment & bear testimonial


Come and experience the enchantment of these majestic mountains, this remote wilderness where hunters can test their mettle and prowess, and the camaraderie of these brown bear hunts. There are very few people that see this Alaska, and there are some things only a brown bear hunter can experience. Hunting brown bears is like no other hunt on earth, and here you have a chance of harvesting a bear as big as they get.



Alaska-Brown-Bear-Lee“George, I just can’t express enough appreciation of how great the time spent hunting brown bear in Alaska with you was and what it meant to me. You are definitely a pro in every sense of the word and you have my utmost respect and admiration. I was very fortunate to have hunted brown bear with you, and if things work out for next year, we’ll do it again.

Thanks again and Take Care.”