in Alaska Hunting

14 Straight Shooter to Don’s moose test

paws“George is a straight shooter!”


“George Siavelis is an honest guide. George and his assistants were very professional and knowledgeable about the area & game. I took a trophy grizzly bear, moose, and caribou. My brother took a nice black bear and caribou. I would hunt with George again. I expect to continue a friendship w/ George for many years!” Here’s the ratings I made about George in a U.S. Refuge Service survey: Overall Guide Service: Excellent.     Knowledge: Excellent     Fair chase: Excellent      Safety: Excellent Quality of Gear: Excellent      Care of meat and trophies: Excellent Moose_Roz-Raft “I arrived in Alaska with no gear because the airlines lost my luggage. George completely outfitted me, including hunting clothes that fit, raingear, hunting rifle, ammo, etc…Shot this huge bull moose and a nine foot brown bear on my first day. Saw several even bigger bulls each day after that for about 5 days straight !! One or more of them were over 70 inches! “ “George runs a great outfit. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true Alaska adventure. Everything was well organized and I look forward to hunting with George Siavelis again!”  


Dons_Bear_41“After three hunts in Alaska, this was by far the best one I’ve experienced. As for George Siavelis, he did everything he said he would. I have nothing to say about him except that he is THE BEST.”  


  moose-don_cox “George’s honesty, hard work, integrity and the quality of game made my trip the hunt of a lifetime. The thing that impressed me most of all was his total preparedness for any situation.” “I have hunted with some great guides before, but can honestly say George has no peer, he’s the total package!”