in Alaska Hunting

13 Larry’s moose & caribou

brown-bear-fleshing       “George and his hunts are fantastic! All of my hopes and dreams were greatly surpassed when this 72 inch, official Boone & Crockett monster was called, and came charging in to 35 yds. George sure can talk moose language, literally! I saw 4 or 5 trophy bull moose over 60 inches, mooseeveryday that we hunted moose (not to mention all the other moose). George makes dreams come true! If you want to be SURE of hunting, in the field personally, with an Alaska guide that really knows his stuff, you want to book a hunt with George Siavelis. I honestly made my plans for my next alaskan hunt with George while on this hunt.”


“I took this record book monster Bou at 30 yds. while videoing a couple thousand caribou coming by all at about the same distance! I saw 10 to 15 thousand caribou on this hunt. George had to chase them away several cariboutimes as they were trying to sniff us and they had big antlers. The bulls were fighting with each other so close a few times that we had to move so they would see us and give us a little space. One very nice bull walked up and hung his head over inside the boat to see what was going on. “